Monday, April 07, 2008

Miller & Rhoads; Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina

Miller & Rhoads, Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Apparel advertisement, circa 1978. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

Miller & Rhoads, Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Cosmetics advertisement, circa 1981. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

Miller & Rhoads, Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Sale advertisement, circa 1981. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

In the mid-1970s, Richmond, Virginia based department store chain Miller & Rhoads opened a number of specialty department stores in new malls throughout Virginia and North Carolina, including this two-level location at Eastland Mall in Charlotte.

Although modestly successful, Miller & Rhoads specialty stores began closing shortly after the chain's parent company, Garfinkel, Brooks Brothers, Miller & Rhoads, was acquired by Allied Stores in 1982. By 1986, Allied had exited the North Carolina market except for Raleigh, whose Miller & Rhoads store closed in 1990 when the chain went out of business.


  1. Well this is a new one on me...I didn't know M&R had a junior store at Eastland...where in the mall was it, and what's there now?

    Those ads just scream "welcome to the 80s!"

  2. From what understand, it was located near the cafeteria (which would have put it near JC Penney). The store itself was two floors. I have heard that it was never busy.

  3. Matt: If you go to the rear entrance between Burlington and Sears on the upper level, you can see where M&R's back door was, it's now LensCrafters' entrance...if LensCrafters hasn't bailed out yet.

    Pat: I remember a Chain Store Age article from that era that reviewed department stores in North Carolina, and their review of the small M&R stores was not flattering. They didn't specifically use the word "stodgy," but it was inferred a few times.

  4. Miller & Rhoads tended to be a very elegant chain, but they were a little old fashioned, which wasn’t the greatest thing to be in the ‘70s and ‘80s. A lot of people thought of them as a ‘grandma’ store.

    I miss M&R. They were the nicest store in Roanoke up until they went out of business, and their impact on Richmond was legendary.